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Lively Chronicles is happy to not only bring you empowering stories from wonderful Female Business Owners but also articles to help you step into your personal power and align with your truth.

For just a moment, slow down, release the tension in your face and shoulders and breathe in deeply through your nose. Hold that breath in for eight seconds and then release it and feel the Joy that floods your body when you do so. This is a simple mindfulness practice that will help you to begin in the search within, to extract your truth and find the connection to your internal guidance system.

You are here to experience Joy, and to live a life that is playful, passionate, and divinely supported in abundance. We all are, that is our purpose as humans. Make sure to keep your eyes here on Tuesday’s for all types of self help tools, tricks, tips and ideas to connect you to your Self and help you on the path to your highest Truth.

-A. Culp

A Spiritual Woman in Law

Lively Chronicles is honored to bring you into connection with Alyssa Johnson. She is a Spiritual Woman who is here to share her story in the alchemizing of old constructs into New. We are pleased to facilitate this space and bring to you Alyssa’s Story.

“Conscious lawyering is what I’m all about. What is that exactly? We don’t hear much – or anything – about conscious lawyering. Law is supposed to be secular, mind over heart, facts over feelings. In reality, humans are complex and deeply emotional. And thus law is also complex and deeply emotional.

I used to practice law in DC. It was an exhausting, all-consuming, unrewarding experience. In 2008, I started exploring spirituality because I believed that there had to be more to life than working 80 hours/week. As part of my spiritual growth, I started working with light beings including an angel named Ariel. In 2012, she came to me in a meditation and asked me to start channeling her, which means having her speak through me. 

So I did. She and I now work together to help people expand their consciousness and experience more love. She brings through guidance for people from all walks of life who are in need of reassurance, support and love.

So what about conscious lawyering? When I left DC in 2013, I swore off law forever. But as I’ve done deep inner work over the past few years and continued my spirituality studies, my heart has opened up and I’ve been called to work with the legal profession again.

In a very different way this time. Now I’m focused on expanding consciousness within the legal profession. This means that I work with lawyers to help them tap into the wisdom of their hearts and act from that deeper place – rather than solely the cerebral place that we’re taught to practice from.

In my work with lawyers, I incorporate embodiment and integration tools so that lawyers learn how to listen to themselves more deeply, understand the inner messages they’re receiving, and learn how to integrate the information within their being.  

Our hearts are a gateway into greater understanding of who we are – a connection to our Souls and expanded consciousnesses. When we tap into that connection point, we’re able to see and understand ourselves from a greater perspective. We can then make choices from a greater place of understanding.

Operating from this more expanded place can greatly shift how we practice law. We bring more empathy and compassion to the table. We see our clients as whole and capable and we understand that our role is to help all of the parties have a resolution that feels good.

Law is transformed from “winner takes all” to “win-win-win”. And we start to see that our role is one of great service, great change, great love. That rather than being seen as the enemy, we’re a key piece in helping transform lives. That we’re healers, not pain inflicters. That we’re creators, not destroyers.

It starts with lawyers who are listening to their inner calling to be a changemaker within the practice of law. It starts with the wisdom of heart consciousness. 

And I help lawyers access that wisdom and act from that greater place.”

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You’ve Been Infected

Stress: The silent pandemic; you’ve been infected.
Stress is that thing that makes your heart race before a job interview, that makes your bodyache even though you’ve sat at a desk all day, that makes you get mad for no apparent reason, that makes you too busy to do anything fun or relaxing.
Stress happens because we do not have certainty in ourselves, e.g., trust and confidence. It doesn’t matter what ‘stressor’ is causing it.
But trust and confidence in what?
Simply 3 things: our boundaries with others, our ability to problem solve & adapt, and our ability to listen to our bodies.
So how do you actually DO these things?

  1. Boundaries allow us to fill our cup first so we can then overflow into everyone else’s cup, whether that be in our business, our career, parenting, relationships, etc. Make
    boundaries, and stick with them for 3 days, and then evaluate what happened- were they too strict? Did you not follow them? Did you actually have some personal time to relax?
  2. To cultivate our ability to problem solve & adapt, we must actively choose which thoughts we want to think (the ultimate proactivity hack). The thoughts that we think determine our feelings, which then determine our actions and results. For example, if
    you are assigned a new project at work and must collaborate with other departments to complete it, and you think that you are not good at working with others, it is going to be really hard to complete that project. If instead, we adapt to think that we are really good at utilizing the strengths of others, that project will get done much quicker, and with less effort on our part.
  3. Our bodies speak many languages, including sound, touch, taste, but also temperature, ‘gut feelings’, hunger, etc. Your mind already knows how to speak all of these languages, you just have to remember them. Are you tired? Take a break. Are you sad?
    Reflect. Are you lost? Look inward, there is an entire map waiting for you.
    When we get good at these skills, even just proficient at them, our stress simply melts away.
    This is because most of our stress comes up because we ‘Don’t know’ something. We ‘Don’t know’ if we will get the promotion at work when we ask for it. We ‘Don’t know’ if we will be able
    to get everything done today that we need to. We ‘Don’t know’ if we will sell enough to make our mortgage payment. But these thoughts are called worry, and worry takes up an immense
    amount of our time.
    Instead, use the 3 tools above to learn to trust yourself again, to give your body an actual break, so it can come back to work with a fiery passion, and learn to take personal time-even if it is
    only for 10 minutes locked in the bathroom by yourself.

If you would like to melt away your stress in just 15 days, my course will show you the path, and
leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and filled with your own fiery passion, in just 5 minutes a day.

Author: Shannon South

Shannon is a stress relief expert and she has a passion to help women all over the world learn to overcome stress to be able to create more time, energy, and enjoyment in every day. She has a background in chemistry, is a #1 best selling author on Amazon, and has special training in memory. Shannon enjoys reading by the ocean and brings her puppy Ruby Tuesday with her everywhere.

Please reach out to Shannon through facebook or email if you have any questions or comments.

Community that Nourishes

Lively Chronicles Welcomes you to a stream of delicious connection. Through this blog we offer you tools, tips, tricks and information to help you Rise into your Highest Version. It can feel lonely, when we embark on the journey of personal improvement, we sometimes suddenly lose those comfortable connections and communities that kept us safe and small.

You have found a safe place to land here.

One way we learn and Rise together is by elevating successful women. With it being Women’s Month we salute the Divine Feminine that is rising among our communities. All over the world we are stepping into the Love that the Divine Feminine asks of us all. We salute you, Women, you are the Creators of this earth and we Honor the sacred path that has been walked to elevate us to this point. We call in the connections and power to continue this journey onward and upward.

Would you like to be featured on Lively Chronicles? We are looking for Entrepreneurial and small business women to elevate in this space. To be Featured all that is asked in exchange for the exposure is a donation to the Lively Foundation Non-Profit. We suggest a $15 contribution and are welcoming to all that your Soul calls you to contribute. The Lively Foundation is a Non Profit organization to elevate local communities in Love.

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