Do You Feel Sexy?

“But babe, I think you’re beautiful…”

I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve had a woman tell me they DIDN’T believe their significant other when this phrase was said. Too many times.

This breaks my heart each time because that compliment is well deserved! And yet the most beautiful women don’t see it in themselves.

But I do understand because I too have been there. Not really knowing how to love myself or actually care for my mental, physical, and even emotional health until…

Maybe my early 20’s?? Too long in my opinion.

I support, empower, and uplift moms so they feel sexy again – because every woman, no matter the circumstance, deserves that.

Here’s my 2 things: One, women will give until the end, always. Yet, they don’t always get that back in return. This is where I come in. My mission is to help women who are giving all day to fill up their own cup.

By filling up yourself first, you are able to give back fully to your business, family, and especially yourself. Here’s what I mean:

-Having the confidence to speak up at work

-Having the lady balls to take a risk in your business to potentially benefit you

-Improving intimacy in your relationship(s)

-Balancing emotions throughout the day

-Dealing with stress as things happen (because they do)

Two, the best time is now. Why? Because will you ever consider taking a risk again if not now? Or will you continuously put it off?

Now is always the best time because things will ALWAYS get in the way. I promise. It’s not the timing that facilitates improvement, it’s the dedication.

When the time isn’t ideal or when you don’t feel like it. That right there is truly the best timing because you have a choice to succeed even against all odds.

Truly empowering women is giving them the resources to help themselves on a larger scale than just physically.

If you want to level up your entire life thru feeling sexy:

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Take The Leap

For some, the idea of the planets having any effect on us seems silly and outlandish. Many more, though, are learning about energy and how we are all indeed connected.

Today being April 1st, We’re not here to fool ya. The next six weeks are wide open energetically for expansion, growth, and manifesting the circumstances in your life that you really want. There are 0 planets in retrograde, which means every bit of energy is in favor of forward momentum.

Want to start a Business? Take a trip? See Family?

We want to see you do it! It can feel scary, to embark on a journey that your soul is calling you to that might confuse others around you. It can feel really unnerving to know what you want and have to leave people and things behind to make it happen.

I promise though, and this is no joke, that if you Jump and follow your heart, Spirit will catch you.

What Price will you Pay for Freedom?

Rebelling Against The Hustle…
The other day I was scrolling through social media and saw a quote pop up in an
entrepreneurial group, “Entrepreneurs: the people that work eighty-hour weeks to avoid working forty-hour weeks.” It was followed by several comments of entrepreneurs laughing about how true that was in their lives, but it was unsettling for me.

Why is it considered normal to work our lives away in the name of success? Why do we glorify prioritizing our businesses as number one with our time and energy? Does it really have to be that way?
In my first year of entrepreneurship, I spent a lot of time in the hustle mentality. Now, I didn’t work very long hours, but I was constantly pressuring myself with how to grow my business faster and generate more revenue. It consumed most of my focus. I felt like I constantly had to be “on” or available to potential clients, my social media, and the current clients I had. It was toward the end of that first year in the middle of a $20k launch when I decided I was done. I completely walked away from the launch, leaving a lot of would be money on the table. I
realized that I wasn’t enjoying the work that I was doing because I had put myself in burn out.

This is when I decided to rebel. I remember when one of my business coaches asked me, “What would it look like to rebel against everything you know about how to grow a business? What would you do?” I told her that I would work less and have more fun, focus on my family more instead of my business, trust more, and show up on social media less. Interestingly enough, this was the work I was teaching my clients. As a spiritual business coach, I consider it my job to help my clients detach from the fear-based way of growing a business and step into trust,
surrender, and pleasure. I fully believe that it is possible to grow your business without hustling. And as I share with my clients, you have to do the things that no one else is doing in business to have the business that no one else does. There is not one set way to grow a business. You get to write your own success story. What do you want your story to be? Business is eighty percent energy and twenty percent strategy, but I find that most entrepreneurs don’t really address the energetic aspect of their business. They’re stuck spinning their wheels in the name of strategy.
It takes courage to step out of the hustle and lean into trust and surrender. It takes facing our fears and knowing that we don’t have to do it all or be it all or prove to anyone that we are worthy of success.

I don’t know about you, but I got into business to have freedom. Time freedom, energetic freedom, and financial freedom. And because of that, I’m choosing to rebel against the hustle culture, and grow my business in a way that feels good to me.
Are you ready to rebel? What are you waiting for?

Jenna Crookshanks is a Spiritual Business Coach, Psychic Medium, and Master Energy Healer. She helps entrepreneurs step into spirit led business, develop and trust their intuition, and activate financial abundance with ease and flow.

You can find her at or on Facebook as Jenna Crookshanks, Clubhouse: @jrosecoaching, and Instagram:

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