3 Ways to Get Clear on a Vision That Excites You (And Get Re-inspired After This Crazy Year)

The universe is like an ATM machine. If you ask it for “money” – it’s not going to give you anything. However, if you ask it for $100, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. 

Creating the life you want works the same way. You need a crystal clear vision to make your dreams come true. But it can be tough to get that kind of clarity – especially after this crazy year we’ve all been through!

Personally, I struggled with clarity for YEARS. I had a successful career and a great life, but I couldn’t shake this deep down sense that there was something more

Without a clear vision, I couldn’t take action to make my dreams a reality. So I continued living as I had been, and all seemed fine… until I started developing mysterious health issues, anxiety, and even full-blown panic attacks. 

My body and soul were giving me a clear message: something needs to change. 

I tried everything to get clear. I hired coaches. I attended events. I talked to friends. Nothing seemed to work. Until finally… it clicked. One of my coaches led me through an experience like nothing else I’d ever done before – and suddenly, clarity dawned. 

I saw exactly what I wanted for my life & career, and the steps to get there. 

Fast-forward to today: and I’m living the dream life I saw in my vision. I run a multiple 6-figure coaching business. I’m doing work I LOVE. And I have the great privilege of helping other women get clear on their dreams – and how to make them a reality!

It all started with getting clear on my vision. 

Now it’s your turn…

Here are 3 ways you can get clear on a vision that excites you:

#1: Ask yourself these questions

  • If I had all the time & money in the world – and didn’t care what anyone else thought – what would I do? 
  • Who do I admire? What qualities do I admire about them – or what do I admire about their life and accomplishments? (Hint: this will give you clues about what you might want for yourself!)
  • How do I want to feel? 

#2: Create a Pinterest board

Pin pictures that inspire you and make a “digital vision board” that you can scroll through on a daily basis – instead of scrolling on social media.

#3: Get support! 

When I got the right kind of support, I was finally able to get the clarity that had eluded me for so long. That’s why I’m so excited to share our upcoming 2-day online event: The Woman You’re Stepping Into. This LIVE and interactive online experience will help you get crystal clear about the woman you want to become and a vision that truly lights you up – so you can go out and make your dreams a reality! 

Best of all – it’s only $39 for the whole weekend! Get ready to learn, laugh, reflect & connect with like-minded women from around the world. 

Learn more and sign up at: www.Bit.Ly/LivelyEvent 

Whatever you dream of, you can absolutely create it. Whether you want a career change, a loving partnership, or to travel the world – it all begins with clarity. 

You’ve got this!


Makena Sage

P.S. Want to stay in touch? Here are 2 ways we can get connected… 

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Come to our 2-day online event to get clear on a vision that excites you: www.Bit.Ly/LivelyEvent

You Are The Most Important Component In Your Business

The Lively Chronicles promises to bring you self help blogs on Tuesdays in an effort to help you stay aligned, focused and thriving. Today is no different as we address something that most Business Owners tend to forget about-

You guessed it “Me Time”

When we start our own businesses its usually for freedom, right? Then along the way we completely forget what that feels like because we are chained to a phone or computer. At least with a conventional job we had one “off day”. Anyone feeling me yet?

Not to worry, you are in good company here. Its important to realize, though, that YOU are the driving force and divine mastermind behind your business. If you work yourself to death, or into sickness and below the wellness line, then things will be ALOT worse off then they would be if you chose to schedule in a couple of afternoons completely unplugged from all technology.

Here is a list of ideas of things to do to tend to yourself, and we promise taking time to integrate these activities will not lead to your business crashing and burning.

  1. Minimum of 4 hours completely unplugged from all technology, even the TV.
  2. Taking a 45 minute walk in nature, and allowing your mind to quiet. Trust that everything that comes to your mind will be handled with grace and ease at another time.
  3. Take a bubble bath. Turn on some bianural beats (we like Spotify for these) and allow your attention to really sit in your body.
  4. Eat a meal slowly, without talking, without distractions, and savor every flavor in every bite.
  5. SCHEDULE IN breaks, and then actually take them…….
  6. Stand up at least once an hour and go outside for 5 minutes.
  7. Burn a favorite smudge herb to clear the energy between tasks.
  8. DON’T multitask. Choose one intentional item to work on at a time and take a five minute break between each task.
  9. Set alarms on your phone for throughout the day and take 3 minutes to breathe deeply, (The Calm App even has guided breathing and a timer)
  10. Tell people around you that you need a break, then allow them to support you.

In Love, We Rise

Crystal’s Ascension is a healing and self awareness service that provides you with the opportunity to receive inspiration, open to a psychic reading, connect with past loved ones, and receive healing on your spiritual journey.
Crystal White is a down to earth American that specializes in Tarot Readings, Life Coaching and Usui Reiki Energy Healing. These powerful modalities will bring you the tools and support you need to make a Quantum Leap in your life!
She is an Occupational Therapy Assistant, with roots in Spiritualism and Christianity with a strong connection to Christ Consciousness and beliefs in love over fear.

Crystals slogan is, “In Love We Rise.”
With locations in Merritt Island and St Augustine Florida, she takes in person and online bookings.
You can find her, and book your personal reading on FB at https://www.facebook.com/CrystalsAscension/ and join her private FB group “Healing and Intuitive Development: Become Who You Are.” A lovely community created for the purpose of helping you step into your highest self.
Email her directly for bookings at CrystalsVision@yahoo.com.
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In love we rise, and love never dies.

Find Crystal White- she’s amazing and sure to help raise your vibes!