Community that Nourishes

Lively Chronicles Welcomes you to a stream of delicious connection. Through this blog we offer you tools, tips, tricks and information to help you Rise into your Highest Version. It can feel lonely, when we embark on the journey of personal improvement, we sometimes suddenly lose those comfortable connections and communities that kept us safe and small.

You have found a safe place to land here.

One way we learn and Rise together is by elevating successful women. With it being Women’s Month we salute the Divine Feminine that is rising among our communities. All over the world we are stepping into the Love that the Divine Feminine asks of us all. We salute you, Women, you are the Creators of this earth and we Honor the sacred path that has been walked to elevate us to this point. We call in the connections and power to continue this journey onward and upward.

Would you like to be featured on Lively Chronicles? We are looking for Entrepreneurial and small business women to elevate in this space. To be Featured all that is asked in exchange for the exposure is a donation to the Lively Foundation Non-Profit. We suggest a $15 contribution and are welcoming to all that your Soul calls you to contribute. The Lively Foundation is a Non Profit organization to elevate local communities in Love.

Email Inquiries to:

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